The following takes place between 10:00am-11:00am


Go away said Sylvia. Gregory was at the door. We’re not going to kill you said Gregory. I don’t open this door said Juliet. I think I know what is wrong said Gregory. Give me a telephone said Gregory. Juliet was taking out her clothes. What are you doing? asked Carmen.


Jack was rescued by Danielle Rousseau. You’re safe here said Danielle. Who are you? asked Jack. I’m a French woman who stranded on the Island. I saw a woman yesterday said Rousseau. A blonde woman said Rousseau.

Ben was looking at the Barracks. So you mean that we were saved by 1 survivor and 1 stranded man? asked Ben. Yes, said Ryan. Why didn’t you captured them? asked Ben. We’re now the leader said Goodwin. You can’t being the leader said Ben. Oh...yes Ben, they have chosen me. Take Ben captive. Ben was captured.


Gregory called to the room of Carmen. Carmen picked up the phone. Carmen, we need to talk said Gregory. I’m a police man. What happened a few years or days ago with the meeting between you and Sylvia?

Flashback: Carmen Prescott

You look good said journalist Diana Davis. I like you said Carmen. Diana kissed Carmen. Diana and Carmen were kissing at the parking lot. Monica and Elisabeth Walker saw this. Oh…my God said Monica. We have to tell this said Elisabeth. No, said Carmen. Why not? asked Monica. Sylvia saw Monica, Elisabeth, Diana and Carmen doing something in a room.


You have betrayed me said Carmen. Why? asked Carmen. I get paid in million of dollars. Sylvia did take her gun and shot at the door. Gregory was shot. Get a doctor now. I’m working for Clyde Mester, but that name says you nothing said Sylvia.


I want to go back to the survivors said Jack. No, you need to stay here said Rousseau. How do we open this, Sayid? asked Sawyer. We should use an axe said Boone. An axe is not useful enough said Desmond.


A doctor was there. I don’t make it, said Gregory. I didn’t hear what they said, but get Clyde Mester our FBI agent here. I’m going to die said Gregory. Ranjina was on the phone. Juliet, where are you? asked Ranjina. We are mostly dead said Rachel.


Ben was held captive in the Temple. I’m the boss now said Goodwin. You do what we want said Goodwin. Jack and Rousseau were walking in the jungle. We’re not far from the beach camp said Jack. 10:56am

OK, let’s have a fight said Sylvia. You killed them, all 3 of them said Carmen. Yes, I did said Sylvia. Sylvia did put her gun on Juliet. Clyde Mester was coming. Juliet jumped on Sylvia and did shot with her gun 3 times. Sylvia felt from the high building down to the ground. Dead. She was dead.