The following takes place between 2:00am-3:00am


Jack looked at the survivors. I’m sorry people that I did wake you up, but I’m trying to find Kate. Can’t that wait? asked Michael. I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry Walt. Why did you wake up? asked Walt. I need to find a young lady, Kate. I know where she is said Walt.


Juliet start kissing Victoria, and was taking out her clothes. Troy start kissing Victoria’s body and Sarah and Jessica were kissing Troy. Juliet stopped and begun to kiss Karen Dellin, and Catherine and Victoria were kissing. Juliet and Catherine were kissing again. A few minutes later was everyone kissing on bed. The girls killed Troy so that they could being with each other. Juliet and Sarah were kissing. Victoria was kissing Juliet’s breasts.


Kate was swimming to the submarine, who was at Hydra Island. Kate was swimming. Look said Walt. How did you know this? asked Michael. My little secret said Walt. Locke looked at Kate, but Jack jumping in the water. Kate was in the submarine and was going away.

Ben looked at a picture of Alex. Alex was coming out her bed and was going to Ben. I have some bad news. The submarine has been taken at Hydra Island said Alex. Thanks Alex, but from who has you heard this? asked Ben. From Mother! said Alex.


Kate was walking in the submarine. Jack, Walt and Michael were taken hostage by the Others. It’s nice to meet you said Ben in his house. Juliet was walking out the room. Ranjina? asked Juliet.


Juliet was walking through the hotel. Kate arrived with the submarine at the Guardian Price Hotel.


Jack looked scared at Ben. Take them to the Hydra. Walt was in special hostage. Walt! screamed Michael. Jack put in the Hydra. Michael was held hostage in the cages.

Shannon and Boone looked. Jack, Michael, Walt and Kate are gone said Sawyer. From now on, I’m the leader. Any question can being asked at me said Sawyer. OK, dude said Hurley.


Michael was looking at his watch. Is nobody sleeping? asked Michael. Jack was trying to sleep in the Hydra. No, I’m the leader said Sayid. Stop! said Shannon. No blondie, I won’t stop, I’m the leader said Sawyer.

Sayid! said Boone. Oh my…Sayid was runnin away. He killed Seth said Sawyer. Sayid was runnin further. Sayid killed him said Boone.

2:55am Juliet was walking through the Hotel again. You was looking for me said Mother. Yes, I don’t know what to do said Juliet. Wait a few more minutes said Mother. Kate was at the bali. I’m Ellie Branner said Kate. Come with said Caroline Mitchell.



  • The episode is als called: Ranjina’s secret.