The following takes place between 6:00am-7:00am


Juliet and Kate were walking in the woods. We have to go back said Kate. I know said Juliet. Juliet and Kate were going back to Caroline. Caroline was going away from Alison. Who killed Michelle? asked Alison. Karen Dellin said Caroline. Caroline gave Alison a goodbye-kiss.


Jack was walking away from the Hydra with Ben. Sayid was followed by Sawyer. I got you, you son of a bitch said Sawyer. Sayid felt on the ground. Boone give me some rope said Sawyer. Boone did gave Sawyer some rope to tie up Sayid.

Why did you kill Seth Norris? asked Sawyer. It should being from a man named…Desmond Hume. He’s at the Tempest. Bring me to him said Sawyer. Boone come with me.

Sawyer and Boone were walking in the jungle with a tied up Sayid. It’s here said Sayid. Sawyer and Boone were walking with the tied up Sayid in the Tempest. I will free you, but if you do unexpected things, I have to shoot you said Sawyer. OK, said Sayid.

Boone and Sawyer were following Sayid. It’s here said Sayid. Desmond was looking to them. What’s the matter? asked Desmond. I have to say to them said Sayid. Do they know? asked Desmond. No said Sayid.


Ranjina was back on the phone. You betrayed us said Juliet. I didn’t said Ranjina. Why did you send Elisabeth and Marie King to us to kill us said Juliet. Kate was looking to Juliet. Because I’m in love with Caroline Mitchell said Ranjina.

I’m planning this for months to get her to me, and you to have to do that said Ranjina. Caroline was back at the hotel, while Kate and Juliet were there. You have to come with us said Juliet. Why? asked Caroline. There’s someone who you should see said Kate.


Caroline, Juliet and Kate were at a nightclub. You will meet her here said Juliet. Kate and Juliet were dancing with each other. Thank you, for saving my life said Kate. It was worth it said Juliet.

Caroline looked in the club…and saw Ranjina. Ranjina, what…I thought that you was dead said Caroline. Yes, in the fight, you led me behind, but you had no other choice said Ranjina. I..You don’t have to apologize said Ranjina.

Kate and Juliet were in a dress kissing each other. I love you Juliet said Kate. Where is Ranjina? asked Kate. Kate and Juliet were looking. She’s gone said Juliet. Juliet walked to the door. It’s closed. We can’t go outside said Juliet.



  • The episode is also called Finding Ranjina.