Ellen Markus was a smoker and friends with of Jeanette Cornella and Anne Cornella. Juliet killed Ellen in order to get closer to Rachel and by using the alias from Ellen, Ruth Abbott. Both her friends didn't know that Juliet replaced her.

Before Day 1Edit

Ellen was friends from Jeannette Cornella and Anna Cornella. Ellen used the alias Ruth Abbott for some reason. Juliet was somehow aware of this and came to her house.
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Juliet gives Ellen a kiss before killing her

Day 1Edit

Ellen opened the door, not being aware that Juliet was a target. Ellen asked who Juliet was, but Juliet said that she should remove her clothes. Juliet saw cigarettes and she revealed that she was a smoker. Ellen did take removing her clothes, so that Juliet could being easily in killing her. She gave Juliet a kiss before dying. She removed fast the blood from Ellen.


After her death, Juliet smoked a cigarette.