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Samira Homer is the wife of Kenneth Homer. She developed a brief relation with Stephanie Wilson after the two saw each other. Samira killed 2 innocent women before meeting Stephanie.

Prior meeting Stephanie WilsonEdit

Before Stephanie met Samira, she killed 2 innocent women in orders from Kenneth. Later the two get a relation and she worked with him.

Meeting StephanieEdit

Samira was seen by Stephanie Wilson in the cave where they had a flirt. Kenneth did knew that the two loved each other and if Stephanie killed Don and Erica Stanford, they could have sex. Stephanie did kill them and Samira gave Olivia Rodiana a kiss. later the 3 kissed each other. Later told she that she killed 2 innocent women in orders from Kenneth. She told Stephanie that she had to kill Scott Rupish and that there will being an Alex J. Martin. Then the two were kissing each other more.


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